Mar 11 – 12, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

MuCol - A Design Study for a Muon Collider complex at the 10 TeV centre-of-mass energy is a European funded project devoted to high-energy muon collision studies. One of the work packages is dedicated to the investigation of the beam-induced background effects on the detector and to the definition of a detector including its performance. 

The workshop will report on the progress of the MDI and interaction region design for the 3 TeV and 10 TeV muon colliders, reviewing conceptual and technical challenges. Past achievements will be summarized and open points as well as plans for future studies will be highlighted.

The workshop will also provide a summary of the detector design studies, with particular focus on the technology R&D required to mitigate the effect of the beam-induced background on the physics object reconstruction performance.

The workshop is an opportunity for the IMCC to review MDI-related activities, advances and plans, including studies carried out within the scope of the EU-funded MuCol Design Study. The workshop shall also provide a venue for proposing and fostering new ideas concerning the MDI and detector design.

The workshop will also provide an excellent opportunity for newcomers and future collaborators to get an overview of the muon collider MDI studies in the IMCC.








6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin
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