May 16 – 25, 2024
Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw / Hotel "Artus", Karpacz
Europe/Warsaw timezone


Program structure and timetable

  • Introductory lectures on arrival day (total 2.5 hours)
  • Main lectures (60 + 15 min.): 21 (L1 – L21)
  • Tutorials (75 min.): 9 (T1 – T9)
  • Short presentations (10 + 5 min.): 15 in 3 sessions (S1 – S3)
  • Poster sessions introduced by flash talks (60 + 15 min.): P1, P2
  • WEH: Presentation of the WE-Heraeus Foundation (Blaschke) & Scientific Publishing (Kapusta)
  • Closing: Award ceremony for poster and best talk prizes & Closing speech




Günther Hasinger: L1, L2
Helmut Satz: L3, L6
Joseph Kapusta: L4, L8, L10; T2
Burkhard Militzer: L5, L9, L12; T1, T3
Roderich Moessner: L7, L13; T4
Gerd Röpke: L11, L14, L21; T5, T9
Constanca Providencia: L15, L18; T6
Fiorella Burgio: L16, L17; T7
Takami Kuroda: L19, L20; T8


Lectures and Lecturers (alphabetic order):

1. Fiorella Burgio (University of Catania, Italy):
    “Phase Transitions in Neutron Stars”
     2 Lectures and 1 Tutorial

2. Günther Hasinger (Deutsches Zentrum für Astrophysik Görlitz, Germany):
    “JWST, Primordial Black Holes and Cosmological Phase Transitions”
     2 Lectures

3. Joseph Kapusta (University of Minnesota, USA):
    “Critical Point and Dynamics of a Phase Transition in Heavy Ion Collisions”
     3 Lectures and 1 Tutorial

4. Takami Kuroda (Albert-Einstein Institute Potsdam, Germany):
    “Quark Deconfinement in Supernova Explosions: How to probe it?”
     2 Lectures and 1 Tutorial

5. Burkhard Militzer (University of California at Berkeley, USA):
    “Warm Dense Plasmas from Inertial Fusion to Planetary Interiors”
     3 Lectures and 2 Tutorials

6. Roderich Moessner (MPI Physik Komplexer Systeme Dresden, Germany):
    “Topological Phases of Matter in and out of Equilibrium”
     2 Lectures and 1 Tutorial

7. Constanca Providencia (University of Coimbra, Portugal):
    “The Complexity of Neutron Star Matter: from the Liquid-Gas Phase Transition to Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Restoration”
     2 Lectures and 1 Tutorial

8. Helmut Satz (Universität Bielefeld, Germany):
    “The Universality of Critical Behaviour”
     2 Lectures

9. Gerd Röpke (University of Rostock, Germany):
    “Correlations, Cluster Formation and Phase Transitions in Dense Fermion Systems”
     3 Lectures and 2 Tutorials