Oct 6 – 11, 2011
Atrani, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
In recent years, a huge progress has been made in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) on computing rates for production processes of direct relevance to experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Crucial to that remarkable advance has been our understanding and ability to compute scattering amplitudes. Among the important recent developments as a standard tool for computing scattering amplitudes, is the widespread use of on-shell methods, which originated in N=4 Super Yang-Mills.

The aim of the School is to bring together young theorists working on the phenomenology of LHC physics with those working in more formal areas, and to provide them the analytic tools to compute amplitudes and Wilson loops in gauge theories. The school is addressed to Ph.D. students and post-docs in Theoretical High-Energy Physics. 23 hours of lectures will be delivered over the 5 days of the School. A Poster Session will be held, at which students are welcome to present their research topics.

The deadline for the registration has been extended to August 20. Participants are expected to make their own hotel bookings. Info can be found in the Accomodation section.
Atrani, Italy
Sala Di Benedetto
The School will start on October 7 (Friday) and end on October 11 (Tuesday). Participants are expected to arrive on October 6, and leave by October 12. Accreditation will begin at Palazzo Ferraioli Hotel on October 6 at 18:00. The site of the School is the Sala Di Benedetto in Atrani. At 1 km2, Atrani is the smallest Comune of Italy. It is located on the Amalfi Coast, 1 km from Amalfi, 25 km from Salerno, 60 km from Napoli.

The School is partly sponsored by the Initial Training Network LHCPhenoNet of the European Commission.