Apr 24 – 26, 2024
University of Chicago
US/Central timezone

A live hackathon is being organized to develop a versatile hybrid Kubernetes platform tailored for Facility R&D endeavors. This platform will cater to scalable, low-latency analysis systems, alongside providing persistent infrastructure for notebook-based training sessions focused on ATLAS software tutorials, machine learning, and cutting-edge analysis tools designed for HL-LHC.

The meeting will be hosted by the Enrico Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago.  Support is provided by the US ATLAS Operations program and the IRIS-HEP Scalable Systems Laboratory team and will be 100% hands-on and in-person: no presentations or remote participation (except for training on the first day).  Participants are encouraged to come prepared with their own K8s resource with Kubernetes 1.29.2 installed.  

The concrete goal will be to run a variety of scalable multi-cluster demonstrators: 

  • A low-latency, Run 3 type analysis (driven from a notebook)
  • Advanced workflows utilizing the Uproot/Awkward/Dask backend with PHYSLITE
  • Advanced workflows utilizing RDataFrame

On the first morning we will hold tutorial / training sessions for K8s cluster admins.  Attendance for this portion can be remote.

University of Chicago
MCP 201
Michelson Center for Physics 933 East 56th St Chicago, IL 60637
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Directions to the Enrico Fermi Institute, hotel options, etc:  https://efi.uchicago.edu/the-efi/visit-us/

Registration for this event is currently open.