May 28, 2024 to June 2, 2024
Asia/Seoul timezone

Welcome to 2024 Seoul Particle Theory Workshop. The workshop aims to bring together a mix of theorists working on all aspects of beyond the standard model physics, as well as experimentalists. We plan a relaxed program with ample time for discussions.



Kias, Room 1505 (Tuesday, Wednesday) in bulding 1

KIAS, room 8101 (Thursday, Friday) in building 8


List of Organizers:

Tomasz Dutka (KIAS)

Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)

Seung J. Lee (Korea)

Gilad Perez (Weizmann)


List of Invited Participants (overseas):

Cedric Delaunay (LAPTh)

Michael Geller (Tel Aviv)

Ameen Ismail (Cornell)

Eric Madge (Weizmann)

Manas Mukherjee (CQT/NUS)

Wolfram Ratzinger (Weizmann)

Nicholas Rodd (LBNL)

Konstantin Springmann(Weizmann)

Giovanni Villadoro (ICTP)


Sponsored By:


The Institute of Basic Science, Korea University

Korea University


Optional Excursions: 2024 Seoul Jazz Festival

If you want to join with us for the jazz festoval, you need to purchase the ticket for the festival on your own. We recommend you to buy it as early as possible, as the ticket will be all sold out as the even dates approaches. 

the link where you can buy the ticket for Seoul Jazz Festival: 
FYI, they sell tickets with either 1-day pass or 3-day pass, and if you buy two 1-day passes, for example,it costs 374000KRW ~ 258 Euro, while a 3-day pass  costs 420000 KRW ~ 290 Euro/. Bunch of us go for 3 day pass.