April 22, 2024 to June 22, 2024
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Program

The course programme currently reflects the interest/involvement of the UK silicon community, and is heavily focussed on semiconductor theory, simulation, experimental tools and applications.

  • Semiconductor theory

    Band theory 1
    Band theory 2
    Layout, guard rings, device calculations 1
    Layout, guard rings, device calculations 2
    Interaction of particles with matter 1
    Interaction of particles with matter 2
    Ramo-shockley theory
    Radiation damage 1
    Radiation damage 2

  • Electronics and DAQ

    General electronics, simple circuit calculations
    Circuit theory, common topologies
    Circuit design, noise and grounding
    Amplifier designs (fast amplifiers, TDC)
    PCB layout
    Trigger + DAQ systems 1
    Trigger + DAQ systems 2
    FPGA overview

  • Mechanics and cooling

    Mechanical structures 1
    Mechanical structures 2
    Thermal management 1
    Thermal management 2

  • Silicon fabrication and structures

    Silicon device fabrication 1
    Silicon device fabrication 2
    Silicon device fabrication 3
    Silicon device fabrication 4
    Device structures: planar and 3D sensors
    Device structures: Gain layers (LGAD, SPAD, SiPM)
    Device structures: Monolithic sensors
    Transistor layout 250 - 28 nm, FinFETs

  • Experimental techniques

    Lab techniques: IV, CV, source measurements, x-ray measurements 1
    Lab techniques: IV, CV, source measurements, x-ray measurements 2
    Transient current techniques
    Solid state techniques: DLTS, TSC
    Testbeams 1
    Testbeams 2
    Irradiation 1
    Irradiation 2

  • TCAD electric field and transport simulations

    TCAD introduction, getting started
    SProcess planar sensor
    SDevice planar sensor
    SProcess 3D sensor
    SDevice 3D sensor
    SProcess monolithic sensor
    SDevice monolithic sensor
    Advanced features

  • Software tools

    PCB design (kicad) 1
    PCB design (kicad)2
    SPICE - electronics simulations (LTspice) 1
    SPICE - electronics simulations (LTspice) 2
    Monte-Carlo simulations (allpix squared) 1
    Monte-Carlo simulations (allpix squared) 2
    Testbeam reconstruction (corryvreckan) 1
    Testbeam reconstruction (corryvreckan) 2

  • Short topics

    Photon science applications
    Non-silicon semiconductors: Diamond
    Non-silicon semiconductors: Diamond II
    Other silicon devices: CCDs, Depfets, imaging sensors
    Applications: Dosimetry, medical uses