Jul 1 – 2, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

Wi-fi connection

In order to have access to the Internet connection for your laptop, you need to register it via the online laptop registration form. Due to the large number of participants, we recommend that you register your laptop in advance, before your actual arrival at CERN.

At CERN You can connect Your device with EDUROAM using your host institution credentials (a page of agreement on the CERN rules will be proposed you at the first connection

On the site we suggest you do not connect to the CERN-VISITOR network as this need to be renewed each 24h

Please use the CERN network instead 

  • In order to connect to the CERN network before your arrival, you must know your mac address (or also called hardware adder) and register your device.   
    Go to the page : https://cern.ch/registerVisitorComputer   
    Fill the form with your data and select Gianolio Elena as contact person

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You can register as many devices as you need in this way (please one registration for one device)

  • If you didn’t register your laptop before your arrival (or if something went wrong), once at CERN, if you select the CERN network the registration page will be open for you and ask to register. Do it selecting the Guest option and again put Gianolio Elena as responsible.

Other computing advice 

- Please read the CERN Computing rules and regulations
- Fixed terminal computer access: Unfortunately, due to computer security protocols at CERN, it will not be possible to provide an account to log in by using the fixed computer terminals on site. The only way to access the internet is by using your own laptops, see above. 
- Laptop registration will be granted only to registered participants.

- Assistance: For any computer issues, please contact Elena Gianolio (Bldg. 4/2-014, tel. +41 22 767 4751).