Feb 11 – 17, 2012
Aspen Center for Physics
US/Mountain timezone
Particle physics is about to experience one of its most exciting years in recent history. By winter 2012, the LHC experiments (in the Alps) are expected to have analyzed several orders of magnitude more data than for their first results of early 2011 and analyses from the final run of the Tevatron (in the Plains) will be nearing completion. There is great potential for discoveries of new particles, or laws of nature. We plan to gather together (in the Rockies) a diverse group of experimentalists and theorists and incite energetic exchange of ideas, information and knowledge gathered at the newly explored frontiers of particle physics, that will shape the future of the field. In addition to the hunt for new particles at colliders, our current understanding of the nature of electroweak scale dark matter will also be highlighted, as well as the latest results on heavy-ion, neutrino and heavy flavor physics.
Aspen Center for Physics
Flug Forum
700 W. Gillespie Street Aspen, CO 81611