Feb 13 – 16, 2012
Europe/Zurich timezone
This Workshop is the follow-up of the Nagoya Symposium 2010

Scope of the Workhop:
  • Discuss the highlights and challenges of UHECR observations
  • Prepare for a next-generation ground based giant detector
  • Evaluate the complementarity of ground and space based observations
  • Identify technological challenges and related R&D works
500/1-001 - Main Auditorium
CERN, Geneva
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International Advisory Committee
V. Berezinsky, J. Blümer, H.S. Chen, T. Ebisuzaki, R. Engel, M. Fukushima, F. Halzen, Y. Itow, K.-H. Kampert, A. Letessier-Selvon, P. Lipari, K. Makishima, M. Panasyuk, I. Park, P. Picozza, P. Privitera, K. Sato, P. Sokolsky, T. Suomijarvi, F. Takahara

Local Organizing Committee
M. Bertaina, J. Blümer, R. Engel, K.-H. Kampert, A. Letessier-Selvon, F. Najeh, B. Pattison, J. Rautenberg, I. Tkachev

Supported by
• JSPS Kakenhi "Extreme Phenomena in the Universe Explored by Highest Energy Cosmic Rays" (Japan)
• Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics (Germany)

• Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique de particules; IN2P3 (France)