ROOT Team Meeting



    • 11:00 AM 11:05 AM
      Short review before releasing 5.15/06 5m
    • 12:10 PM 12:25 PM
      Plans for 5.15/08 scheduled for May 30 15m
      From Lorenzo ========== the new features I would like to include in the next release are: - improvements in geometry vectors by adding the 2D classes, as requested by CMS to replace the CLHEP classes Maybe some further optimization are possibles in some operations, like addition between vectors. - modify TF1 to introduce functor. This I plan to do immediatly after ACAT. - collect algorithms from TF1 and move in the math library. (lower priority) From Olivier ======== Matevz: - Finish splitting off of the standard gl-scene / gl-viewer and to integrate it with Timur's gl-core. Timur: New classes: - TGLFormat - describes gl frame buffer properties. - TGLContext - manages low-level platform-specific data structures - TGLWidget - top level and child widget with gl-context. - Something to check supported by videocard OpenGL extensions Olivier: - Include FTGL in the ROOT distribution. - First versions of TGLAxis and TGLText based on FTGL. From Ilka ======= Drag & Drop additional functionality New TGTextEdit environment (command prompt, output window, drag&drop support) TGColorSelector as a modeless dialog Fit panel - additional functionality related to user-defined function, CINT === -Introduction of Diego enhancements for the dictionaries I/O == ? PROOF ==== ?
    • 12:25 PM 12:45 PM
      Rehearsal of the ACAT07 talks 20m
      Ilka, Jan and Lorenzo made a quick rehearsal of their talk to ACAT07. see their ppt files at the ACAT site