26-29 March 2012
LPT Orsay (26th, 27th, 28th) and APC Paris 7 (29th)
Europe/Zurich timezone


Confirmed speakers include:

S. Alexandrov - Twistor approach to string compactifications
C. Bachas - On the localization of gravity in string theory
A. Baratin - State sum over geometries from a 2-category
A. Barrau - Loop quantum cosmology: a phenomenological perspective
D. Benedetti - The local potential approximation in quantum gravity
J. Ben Geloun - Renormalizable tensor field theories
V. Bonzom - Universality classes of random triangulations via tensor models
C. Charmousis - Self-tuning and the cosmological constant problem
T. Damour - The gravity/coset conjecture and a possible algebraic description of emergent space
B. Dittrich - Why spin foams are lattice gauge theories and why not
E. Guitter - Distance statistics in random maps
R. Gurau - The large N limit of tensor models
P. Horava - Quantum gravity with anisotropic scaling and the multicritical universe
D. Oriti - The quantum geometry of group field theories
R. Parentani - Black hole lasers in Bose condensates and in Horava gravity
D. Pranzetti - Thermal radiation from quantum weakly-dynamical horizons in loop quantum gravity
C. Rovelli - Surprises in discretizing general-covariant systems
J. Ryan - Tensor models and their jacket structure
L. Sindoni - Towards coherent states for collective variables in loop quantum gravity
M. Smerlak - Divergences and gauge structure of Ponzano-Regge-like spinfoam models
S. Speziale - Twistor networks and spin foams
P. Vanhove - The ultraviolet behaviour of N=4 and N=8 supergravity

credit original picture: Flickr Gallery of J. Gabas Esteban
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