Aug 12 – 18, 2012
US/Eastern timezone

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Measurement of omega->3pi in pp collision at 7TeV with ALICE

Aug 16, 2012, 4:00 PM
Regency 1/3 and Ambassador

Regency 1/3 and Ambassador


Satoshi Yano (Hiroshima University (JP))


The $\omega$ meson is a promising probe to investigate the properties of the QGP. It is well known that the yield of high-p_t particles is suppressed in nucleus-nucleus collisions relative to that in pp collisions. The effect is attributed to the energy loss of the energetic parent partons traversing the created medium. Since $\pi^0$ and $\omega$ mesons have the same quark content (u and d), the comparison of the suppression between $\pi^$ and $\omega$ can provide information whether the energy loss occurs at the parton level or not. The ALICE detector covers a wide central region (|\eta|<0.9) to reconstruct charged particles and has two electro-magnetic calorimeters with good energy resolution. The $\omega$ meson is reconstructed in the $\pi^0\pi^+\pi^-$ channel in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV over a wide p_t range This is faciliated by a high-photon energy trigger. We discuss the trigger performance and cut optimization and present the latest results of the analysis.

Primary author

Collaboration ALICE (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)


Satoshi Yano (Hiroshima University (JP))

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