Aug 12 – 18, 2012
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The spectrum of quantum fluctuations and space-time evolution in the little bang

Aug 15, 2012, 12:00 PM


Oral Presentation Pre-equilibrium and initial state dynamics Parallel 4D: Pre-Equilibrium & Initial State (Chair T. Ludlam)


Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


We outline significant recent progress in a program to include quantum corrections to the evolution of the classical color fields produced in high-energy ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. Previous work in this direction for a scalar \phi^4 theory [1] has now been extended to QCD. Leading contributions from unstable quantum modes can be resumed to all loop orders and expressed in terms of a gauge invariant spectrum of initial quantum fluctuations, which has been computed recently [2]. These fluctuations play a key role in decoherence of the high occupancy fields, and in their possible isotropization and flow, and in the matching of this initial dynamics to hydrodynamic flow, thereby potentially eliminating a big source of uncertainty in hydrodynamic simulations. We report on progress in the 3+1-D numerical computations implementing these pre-equilibrium dynamics. [1] K.~Dusling, T.~Epelbaum, F.~Gelis and R.~Venugopalan, %``Role of quantum fluctuations in a system with strong fields: Onset of hydrodynamical flow,'' Nucl.\ Phys.\ A {\bf 850}, 69 (2011); T.~ Epelbaum and F. Gelis, %``Role of quantum fluctuations in a system with strong fields: Spectral properties and Thermalization,'' Nucl.\ Phys.\ A {\bf 872}, 210 (2011). [2] K.~Dusling, F.~Gelis and R.~Venugopalan, %``The initial spectrum of fluctuations in the little bang,'' Nucl.\ Phys.\ A {\bf 872}, 161 (2011).

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Kevin Dusling Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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