11-15 February 2013
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

The aerogel RICH for the Belle II spectrometer

15 Feb 2013, 11:20
EI7 (Vienna University of Technology)


Vienna University of Technology

Talk Plenary 4


Dr Rok Pestotnik (Jozef Stefan Institute)


For the Belle II spectrometer we are developing the proximity focusing RICH with aerogel as an radiator. It will be positioned in the small space between the drift chamber and the electromagnetic calorimeter inside a strong magnetic field of 1.5 T in the forward direction of the spectrometer and will enable the efficent separation of kaons from pions in the wide range of particle momenta from 0.5 up to 4 GeV/c. The chosen photo sensor - Hybrid Avalanche Photo Diode should be able to detect single photons with high efficiency and in addition it has to be resistant to high radiation doses of 10^12 neutrons/cm2 and 100 Gy of gammas in 10 years of operation. In the contribution the design of the detector will be presented. We will show the beam test results of the detector prototype, the results of the tests in the magnetic field and the results of the irradiation tests of photo sensor samples.
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Primary author

Dr Rok Pestotnik (Jozef Stefan Institute)

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