11-15 February 2013
Vienna University of Technology
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A novel 2D position-sensitive microstrip sensor

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

Gußhausstraße 25-29, 1040 Wien (Vienna), Austria
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Poster Semiconductor Detectors


Ivan Vila Alvarez (Universidad de Cantabria (ES))


In the context of the future silicon-based particle tracking systems for the International Linear Collider, we introduce a novel 2D position-sensitive microstrip detector where the resistive charge division method was implemented by replacing the metallic electrodes with slightly resistive electrodes made of polycrystalline silicon. A characterization of two proof-of-concept prototypes with different electrode resistivities was carried out using a pulsed near-infrared laser. The experimental results were compared against an electrical simulation of the sensor's equivalent circuit including the electronics readout chain. The good agreement between the experimental results and simulation establish the soundness of resistive charge division method in silicon microstrips sensors and validates the developed simulation as a tool for optimizing the charge-division method on microstrip sensors. Results obtained in 2011 and 2012 testbeam campaigns are also presented. Evolved sensor designs with integrated signal vias to facilitated the implementation of such technology in a real silicon tracker system will be presented and discussed.
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Primary author

Ivan Vila Alvarez (Universidad de Cantabria (ES))


Daniela Bassignana (IMB-CNM CSIC) Dr David Quirion (IMB-CNM) Mr Esteban Curras (IFCA (CSIC-UC)) Francisca Munoz Sanchez (Universidad de Cantabria (ES)) Giulio Pellegrini (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) Javier Gonzalez Sanchez (Universidad de Cantabria (ES)) Manuel Lozano Fantoba (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) Marcos Fernandez Garcia (Universidad de Cantabria (ES)) Richard Jaramillo (IFCA)

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