11-15 February 2013
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Large area water Cherenkov array for air shower detection at high altitude

12 Feb 2013, 16:30
EI9 (Vienna University of Technology)


Vienna University of Technology


Dr Zhiguo Yao (IHEP, Beijing)


Large Area Water Cherenkov Array (LAWCA), a newly planned water Cherenkov detector, is to be built in Yangbajing, Tibet, China by the end of 2014, for detecting air showers at high altitude of 4300 m a.s.l. The LAWCA detector, amounting to an area of 23,000 m2 and built adjacent to the ARGO-YBJ detector, mainly aims to all sky survey for transient sources. A cross calibration between LAWCA and ARGO-YBJ can make us to better understand the systematic errors. In this presentation, the design, the performance and the schedule of LAWCA experiment is to be introduced.
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Primary author

Dr Zhiguo Yao (IHEP, Beijing)

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