11-15 February 2013
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Development of a 32 detector CdTe matrix for the SVOM ECLAIRs X/Gamma camera

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

Gußhausstraße 25-29, 1040 Wien (Vienna), Austria
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Poster Semiconductor Detectors


Guillaume Nasser (IRAP CNRS) Karine Lacombe (IRAP CNRS)


ECLAIRs, a 2D coded-mask imaging telescope on the Sino-French SVOM space mission, will detect and locate GRBs between 4 and 150 keV. The detector array is an assembly of 6400 Schottky CdTe semiconductor detectors of size 4x4x1 mm3, biased from -100V to -600V and operated at -20°C to minimize the leakage current and maximize the polarization time due to Schottky barrier lowering. The remarkable low-energy threshold for a space instrument is achieved through an extensive detectors selection, the choice of a low-noise 32 channels ASIC, and the realization of an innovative hybrid detection module formed by a thick film ceramic holding 32 detectors with their high voltage grid, and an HTCC ceramic housing the ASIC chip within an hermetic cavity. In this paper, we describe a complete 4 by 8 hybrid matrix and explain the results of tests comparing the different sources of noise such as design capacitances, leakage currents after sticking detectors on ceramic and the ENC measured on the ASIC ceramic module. We confront these values with the energy threshold and FWHM measured on spectra made with calibrated radioactive sources such as Am-241, Co-57 and Fe-55 inside a vacuum chamber at -20°C and parameters chosen to get the best performance. Finally, we will present the superposition of 32 calibrated spectra of version 3 matrix, showing the excellent homogeneity of 32 detectors and the achievement of a detection threshold of 4 keV.
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Primary authors

Guillaume Nasser (IRAP CNRS) Karine Lacombe (IRAP CNRS)


Mr Baptiste Houret (IRAP CNRS) Dr Bertrand Cordier (CEA IRFU) Ms Carine Amoros (IRAP CNRS) Mr Damien Rambaud (IRAP CNRS) Dr Didier Barret (IRAP) Mr François Gonzalez (CNES) Mr Gilbert Rouaix (IRAP CNRS) Dr Jean-Luc Atteia (IRAP) Mrs Karine Mercier (CNES) Mr Marc Billot (CNES) Dr Olivier Gevin (CEA IRFU) Dr Olivier Godet (IRAP) Mrs Pascale Ramon (IRAP CNRS) Dr Pierre Mandrou (IRAP CNRS) Mr Roger Pons (IRAP CNRS) Mr Vincent Waegebaert (IRAP CNRS)

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