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The Data Acquisition System for the ANAIS experiment

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Experiments: 2d) Dark Matter Detectors


Miguel Angel Olivan (Universidad de Zaragoza)


ANAIS (Annual modulation with NAI Scintillators) experiment will look for dark matter annual modulation with 250 Kg of ultrapure NaI scintillators at the Canfranc Underground Labroratory (LSC). The detector will consist of 20 close-packed single modules, each of them coupled to two photomultipliers (PMTs) working in coincidence. An electronic chain and data acquisition system (DAQ) have been developed to provide a redundant readout at different dynamic ranges and to digitize the PMT signals with high temporal and vertical resolution in the low energy region, that have allowed the implementation of new algorithms for noise discrimination by pulse shape analysis. We present the design of the whole DAQ system and its characterization (stability and trigger efficiency, baseline noise reduction, dead time precise measurements, performance of homemade preamplifiers, integration with the slow control and warnings system...). Finally, preliminary results on photomultiplier response, light collection and energy resolution obtained with several prototypes are also presented.

Primary author

Miguel Angel Olivan (Universidad de Zaragoza)


Alfonso Ortiz de Solorzano (Universidad de Zaragoza) Dr Carlos Ginestra (Universidad de Zaragoza) Dr Carlos Pobes (Universidad de Zaragoza - CSIC) Dr Clara Cuesta (University of Washington) Prof. Eduardo Garcia (Universidad de zaragoza) Prof. Jorge Puimedon (Universidad de Zaragoza) Prof. Jose Angel Villar (Universidad de Zaragoza) Prof. Julio Cesar Amare (Universidad de Zaragoza) Prof. Maria Luisa Sarsa (Universidad de Zaragoza) Dr Martínez María (Universidad de Zaragoza) Patricia Villar (Universidad de Zaragoza) Prof. Susana Cebrián (Universidad de Zaragoza) Dr Ysrael Richard Ortigoza (Universidad de Zaragoza)

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