First prototype of a silicon tracker using an 'artificial retina' for fast track finding

5 Jun 2014, 11:40
Graanbeurszaal (Beurs van Berlage)


Beurs van Berlage

Oral Data-processing: 3b) Trigger and Data Acquisition Systems III.b Trigger & DAQ


Nicola Neri (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))


We report on the R&D for a first prototype of a silicon tracker with trigger capabilities based on a novel approach for fast track finding. The working principle is inspired from neurobiology, in particular by the processing of visual images by the brain as it happens in nature. It is based on extensive parallelization of data distribution and pattern recognition. In this work we report on the design of a practical device that consist of a telescope based on single-sided silicon detectors; we describe the data acquisition system and the implementation of the track finding algorithms using available digital logic of commercial FPGA devices. Tracking performance and trigger capabilities of the device are discussed along with perspectives for future applications.

Primary author

Nicola Neri (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))


Alessio Piuccio (Unversita' di Pisa & INFN Pisa) Andrea Abba (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT)) Prof. Angelo Geraci (Politecnico di Milano & INFN Milano) Diego Tonelli (CERN) Dr Francesco Caponio (INFN Milano) Franco Spinella (Sezione di Pisa (IT)) Giovanni Punzi (Sezione di Pisa (IT)) John Walsh (Sezione di Pisa (IT)) Luciano Ristori (INFN and Fermilab) Marco Petruzzo (Universita' di Milano & INFN Milano) Mauro Citterio (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT)) Mauro Monti (INFN Milano) Michael Joseph Morello (SNS and INFN-Pisa) Pietro Marino (Sezione di Pisa (IT)) Simone Coelli (INFN Milano) Simone Stracka (Sezione di Pisa (IT))

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