Jun 2 – 6, 2014
Beurs van Berlage
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Development of a Small Form Factor (6cm x 6cm) Picosecond Photodetector as a Path Towards the Commercialization of 20cm x 20cm Large Area Pico-second Photodetector Devices with Incom Inc.

Jun 4, 2014, 5:00 PM
Keurzaal (Beurs van Berlage)


Beurs van Berlage

Oral Technology transfer: 5a) Industry Liaisons V.a Industrial Liaisons


Karen Byrum (Argonne National Lab)


The Large Area Picosecond Photo-Detector Collaboration (LAPPD) is currently developing a large-area, modular photo-detector system composed of thin, planar, glass-body modules, each with two 20cm x 20cm ALD-functionalized MCPs in a chevron geometry. The collaboration is working closely with industry partner Incom, Inc. towards the commercialization of this technology. One of the major challenges has been to successfully seal a top window to the hermetic glass package module. The collaboration is pursuing multiple sealing techniques; one a hot solder sealing technique and a second thermo-compression sealing technique. In this talk, I will present results from a thermo-compression seal of a top window to a 20cm x 20cm glass package module with a pump out port for leak checking the seal and describe the path towards commercialization of the 20cm x 20cm devices with Incom, Inc. As an intermediate step towards building a full system for making 20cm x 20cm devices, but independent from the LAPPD collaboration, Argonne has also developed a small form-factor (6cm x 6cm) photodetector development facility consisting of a four vacuum chamber system: loadlock, bake and scrub chamber, photocathode deposition chamber, and sealing chamber. Successful thermo-compression sealing of the 6cm x 6cm photodetector prototypes at the Argonne development facility has been accomplished in the sealing chamber. The entire system has recently undergone a bakeout and is currently achieving an ultra-high vacuum base pressure throughout the system with photocathode fabrication underway. An overview of results from the first working 6cm x 6cm active area detectors based on the ALD micro-channel plate, all glass body technology will be presented as available.

Primary author

Karen Byrum (Argonne National Lab)


Dr Aileen O'Mahony (Incom, Inc.) Dr Anil Mane (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Christopher Craven (Incom, Inc.) Dr Daniel Bennis (Incom, Inc.) Dr Dean Walters (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Jeffrey Elam (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Joseph Gregar (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Joseph Renaud (Incom, Inc.) Dr Junqi Xie (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Lei Xia (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Marcel Demarteau (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Mathew Virgo (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Michael Minot (Incom, Inc.) Dr Robert Wagner (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Xing Wang (Argonne National Laboratory)

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