Development of high-rate RPCs

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Sensors: 1c) Gaseous Detectors


Lei Xia (Argonne National Laboratory)


Traditionally RPCs use either Bakelite or glass as resistive plates. Compared with other Micro-pattern gas detectors, RPCs are known to suffer from rate limitations. The rate capability of the devices is defined by the signal size, bulk resistivity of the resistive electrode and the thickness of the electrode. We report on efforts to develop low-resistivity Bakelite and glass, as well as efforts to develop a new electrode material that has very thin effective thickness. We will present first results from tests of high-rate RPCs performed at the GIF facility at CERN, the Fermilab test beam facility and elsewhere.

Primary author

Lei Xia (Argonne National Laboratory)

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