Evaluation of a commercial FPGA for use in the CMS HCAL Upgrade

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Data-processing: 3b) Trigger and Data Acquisition Systems


Alexey Finkel (University of Minnesota (US))


The CMS Hadron Calorimeter is undertaking a upgrade of front-end electronics which increases the channel count by a factor of three and adds additional TDC data. To transfer the larger data volume off-detector, CMS is evaluating a commercial FPGA with integrated high-speed serial link for use in the radiation environment. This talk will report on the studies of the candidate device under ionzing and hadron irradiation, which will inform the possible use of these components for other uses in particle physics detectors.

Primary author

Prof. Kajari Mazumdar (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))

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