Electrode material and Detector Response for Gaseous detectors

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Oral Sensors: 1c) Gaseous Detectors


Dr Ashok Kumar (University of Delhi (IN))


The gaseous detectors can be used in variety of applications including particle detection, medical imaging and radiological applications. We will present an extensive study of optical, structural and electrical properties performed for different electrode materials for gaseous detectors such as Resistive Plate Chambers. We also present the gas mixture composition studies with different gases for their detector performance and response. We include study on the variation of efficiency, counting rate over the period of operation and the leakage current dependence upon the temperature and humidity for different sizes of detectors. We hereby also cover similar but preliminary results on GEM detector.

Primary author

Dr Ashok Kumar (University of Delhi (IN))

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