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A Prototype of LaBr3:Ce in situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Marine Environmental Monitoring

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Sensors: 1d) Photon Detectors


Dr Ming Zeng (Tsinghua University) Dr Zhi Zeng (Tsinghua University)


A prototype of LaBr3:Ce in situ gamma-ray spectrometer for marine environmental monitoring is developed and applied for marine measurement. A 2-inch LaBr3:Ce scintillator is used in the detector, and a digital pulse process electronics is chosen as the pulse height analyzer. Both Ethernet and RS-485 are implemented as the data and control interface of the system, and a GPS module is also built-in to work with the GIS. From previous Monte Carlo simulation result, it is indicated that the self-activity in LaBr3:Ce deteriorates the MDAC, but it's still a potential good choice because of its high energy resolution. The preliminary test result of this prototype is introduced in details.

Primary authors

Dr Hao Ma (Tsinghua University) Hongchang Yi (Tsinghua University) Jirong Cang (Tsinghua University) Dr Ming Zeng (Tsinghua University) Xiaoguang Yue (Tsinghua University) Dr Zhi Zeng (Tsinghua University)

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