Development of MTCA/xTCA/ATCA based instrumentation for partical physics at IHEP

6 Jun 2014, 15:20
Graanbeurszaal (Beurs van Berlage)


Beurs van Berlage

Oral Data-processing: 3b) Trigger and Data Acquisition Systems III.b Trigger & DAQ


Zhen-An LIU (I)


This talk briefs the development of instrumentation for particle physics experiment based on the ATCA/MTCA/xTCA specifications. Examples includes hardware for LLRF, Compute Node(ATCA compatible) for PANDA experiment, Lumird for BESIII Luminosity readout, Compute Node(xTCA compatible) for DEPFET/PXD detector, digitizer and trigger for TREND experiment. discussion on the back-end readout electronics trend is discussed.


As one of the 4 sponsor labs(DESY,FNAL,IHEP,SLAC) of the new standard--"xTCA for Physics", shortaed as xTCA, IHEP/Triglab deeply envolved in the development of the backend instrument for pariticle physics. Experience has been gained with acceptance by experiments and/or usage. More detailed information will be given

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