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The Frugal Tile: A 20-cm-square MCP-PMT Module Comprising 8 Glass Parts

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Sensors: 1d) Photon Detectors


Henry J. Frisch (Univ of Chicago)


We present the design for the `Frugal Tile', an all-glass MCP-PMT with an active area of 400 square centimeters. The LAPPD glass tile module was designed to be simple, with: a) a hermetic package made of top and bottom plates and a rectangular sidewall, each made of water-jet-cut plate glass; b) an internal stack consisting of 2 glass capillary plates functionalized with Atomic Layer Deposition and 3 glass grid spacers made from waterjet-cut plate glass; and a getter assembly that drops into place. Features of the design are: no pins penetrating the envelope; c) an internal HV divider implemented by resistive coatings on the MCP's and spacers; d) RF-stripline anodes silkscreened on the bottom plate with an analog bandwidth above 1.5 GHz for good spatial and temporal resolution; e) mechanical rigidity provided by atmospheric pressure; and f) modular design for covering large areas. The tile is one component of a modular system in which an array of four tiles sits on a 1800-square-cm `Tray' section that contains the ground plane of the RF strip-lines and supports the waveform sampling and data-acquisition electronics that reads out the strips.

Primary authors

Andrey Elagin (University of Chicago) Henry J. Frisch (Univ of Chicago)


Aileen O'Mahony (Incom, Inc) Bernhard Adams (Argonne National Laboratory) Jeffrey Elam (Argonne National Laboratory) Joseph Gregar (Argonne National Laboratory) Matthew Wetstein (University of Chicago) Michael Minot (Incom, Inc.) RObert G. Wagner (Argonne National Laboratory) Richard Northrop (University of Chigaco) anil mane eric oberla (uchicago)

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