Feb 3 – 9, 2013
Bjelasnica Mountain, Sarajevo
Europe/Sarajevo timezone

Consular information

Since we have been asked for information about travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and about visa issues for non-European citizens, we have consulted the official webpage of the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the following we present consular information available on the Ministry's webpage.
The following nationals are allowed to travel to Bosnia with just a valid passport or ID card:

- EU citizens
- Citizens of the following other countries: Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Norway.

Citizens of the United States of America can also enter Bosnia-Herzegovina without a visa if they possess a valid passport.
For citizens of other countries the information is as follows:

- Russian Federation:
Nationals of the Russian Federation may enter, exit or reside in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina up to 30 days without visas, with the original contract on rendering tourist services (tourist voucher).

- Ukraine:
Citizens of Ukraine do not require a visa when entering/exiting or passing through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period not exceeding 30 days, within two months from the date of the first entry.

- Brazil:
Citizens of the Federal Republic of Brazil are exempted from the visa requirement when entering, exiting or travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina up to 90 days.

- Peru:
Citizens of Peru are required visas when entering, exiting or travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina (details are available on request; for Bosnian visas to be issued in Austria, see here).

Therefore, if you are a Russian citizen please contact Enila Parganlija [m.enila (at) yahoo.com] with (1) your name and surname as in your passport
and, if applicable, those for your accompanying person; (2) your exact dates of arrival and departure; (3) your address; (4) your passport number and, if applicable, that of your accompanying person; as well as (5) a fax number to which the Hotel will send a booking confirmation (tourist voucher).

If your nationality is not mentioned in the above, please again contact Enila Parganlija and we will update the webpage with the relevant information.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina!