JRA1 thematic meeting: EMI-ES



- status of the implementations both on server and client side
- status of the specification itself
-- necessary updates
-- delegation porttype
-- information part
- status of interoperability testing
- defining the roadmap for updates both the specification AND the implementations taking into account the iterative development
- new task force leader, specification document editor
JRA1 meeting on EMI-ES: Friday, 11-12am Participants: Balazs, Jon, Florido, Aleksandr, Martin, Björn, Bernd, Lisa, Eric, Marco Minutes: Balazs says welcome. Thanks Björn for he's effort up to now. Should find a new leader as Björn would like to step down. Points to wiki page, https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/EMI/EmiExecutionService. From Y3 work plan, production ready EMI-ES is a top priority in Y3. Iterative specification definition, expect more updates of the spec during implementation. Needs to be very well coordinated. Main message: Spec is not fixed, can still update specification if there are issues when developing. Nothing is final yet on EMI-ES. gLite, ARC and UNICORE agree on this approach, it is what they have been doing so far. Who is working on EMI-ES: Recorded in wiki Coordinator/editor team: Florido (editor on duty in July), Aleksandr, someone from gLite Preliminary deadlines: Final spec: 30 September Final code freeze: 31 October Dates can be changed if needed, up to editor to communicate. Process: Editor comes with new version of spec, clearly indicating what has changed. Developers will get one-two weeks to sync implementations with spec changes. At the moment, no urgent need for F2F meeting at the moment, but may be needed at the end. Florido: EGI TF in end of September can be a good time for a F2F. Also fit the current timeline. Implementation status: Everyone filled http://www.doodle.com/fwp9avd4vfrr4n3b Going through the doodle. For all features where "fully implemented" is ticked, the test team will be asked to run tests. Stagein/stageout: Ready for testing. For stageout, start with HTTP/HTTPS. CreateActivity: ready for testing GetResourcInfo: all ticket yes, even if document is not defined. Can be tested, but expect incompatibilities GetActivityStatus: can be tested GetActivityInfo.fulldocument: All yes, but not defined GetActivityInfo.filtered: UNICORE should be yellow. gLite propose to remove it. Aleksandr find it unclear how to map to XML. Here more work is needed in spec. PauseActivity/ResumeActivity: gLite, UNICORE done, ARC not NotifyService: gLite should be green, so all done. Can be tested. Stopped going through doodle here. Next step: For all green, testing should start. The client teams should write the tests. Urgent actions: Finalise resource and activity document: Florido is working on it, will propose document structure. Will need feedback fast. Would be nice if people can link example resource and activity documents on the wiki, so that Florido can finalise. Delegation ports: EMI-ES should be in sync with OGF and use Gridsite. Aleksandr haven't found any serious documentation on Gridsite. Balazs sees complete mess in EMI-Delegation. A meeting with Paul Millar and EMI-ES team is urgently needed. Florido will ask for a meeting. Aleksandr, Lisa, Björn and Paul must be on the meeting. Architecture: Defined in the spec document, but not followed by any of the CEs. Must be updated. EMI-ES core team should have a meeting to sort this out. Need clear view of the glue2 rendering before we can get a clear view of the architecture. "Don't want" list: Based on the doodle, there are several features not implemented by all. All, please send a list of what you don't want to do and what is just not finished. Final comments: This was the last EMI-ES meeting Balazs chaired. The rest of the meetings will be chaired by the editor on duty. emi-jra1 list should be used for communication, and updates should be on at least a biweekly basis.
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