November 7, 2012
G.O.Jones building
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Participant List

51 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Abbey Waldron Oxford University
Alexander Finch Lancaster University
Alexander Merle Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton
Andrew Perch UCL
Anna Holin UCL
Asher Kaboth Imperial College London
Ashley Back Queen Mary, University of London
Ben Still Queen Mary, University of London
Chamkaur Ghag UCL
David Hadley University of Warwick
david Miller UCL
David Smith Brunel University
Elzbieta Poplawska QMUL
Evelina Arushanova QMUL
Francesca Di Lodovico QMUL
Frank Deppisch University College London
Georgios Christodoulou University of Liverpool
Helen O'Keeffe University of Oxford
James Waterfield University of Sussex
Janet Seed STFC
Jeanne Wilson QMUL
Jeff Hartnell University of Sussex
Jon Coleman Liverpool U.
Jonathan Perkin University of Sheffield
Justin Evans University of Manchester
Ken Long Imperial College London
Laura Kormos Lancaster University
Lee Thompson University of Sheffield
Leigh Whitehead University College London
Lorena Escudero IFIC: CSIC + University of Valencia
Mark Thomson University of Cambridge
Matthew Lawe University of Sheffield
Matthew Malek Imperial College London
Matthew Tamsett University of Sussex
Morgan Wascko Imperial College London
Neil McCauley University of Liverpool
Nick Grant Lancaster University
Nicola McConkey University of Warwick
Paul Kyberd Brunel University (GB)
Per Jonsson Imperial College London
Peter Kalmus QMUL
Peter Ratoff Lancaster University
Roberto Sacco QMUL
Ryan Terri Queen May, University of London
Silvia Pascoli IPPP, Durham University
Stefanie Langrock Queen Mary University of London
Steven Boyd University of Warwick
Thomas Dealtry University of Oxford
Thomas Stainer University of Liverpool
Yoshi Uchida Imperial College London