Future long baseline neutrino experiments

Lecture Theatre (ground floor) (G.O.Jones building)

Lecture Theatre (ground floor)

G.O.Jones building

Queen Mary, University of London. Mile End E1 4NS
The aim of this workshop is to present a review of the current long baseline future experiments, their designs and proposed physics reaches, and to highlight the current UK contributions and interests. An overview of the status of the running or soon to be running long baseline neutrino experiments is presented before discussing the future projects in Europe, Japan and US, where both the status of the design and the expected reaches will be shown. After each talk there will be plenty of time for discussion. The meeting starts at 12:55. Lunch is served from 12:00. A wireless connection through Eduroam is available at QMUL. The meeting can also be attended through EVO: "Future Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment" on the Universe Community. Use QMUL2012 to access the virtual room.
  • Abbey Waldron
  • Alexander Finch
  • Alexander Merle
  • Andrew Perch
  • Anna Holin
  • Asher Kaboth
  • Ashley Back
  • Ben Still
  • Chamkaur Ghag
  • Dave Wark
  • David Hadley
  • david Miller
  • David Smith
  • Elzbieta Poplawska
  • Evelina Arushanova
  • Francesca Di Lodovico
  • Frank Deppisch
  • Georgios Christodoulou
  • Helen O'Keeffe
  • James Waterfield
  • Janet Seed
  • Jeanne Wilson
  • Jeff Hartnell
  • Jon Coleman
  • Jonathan Perkin
  • Justin Evans
  • Ken Long
  • Laura Kormos
  • Lee Thompson
  • Leigh Whitehead
  • Lorena Escudero
  • Mark Thomson
  • Matthew Lawe
  • Matthew Malek
  • Matthew Tamsett
  • Morgan Wascko
  • Neil McCauley
  • Nick Grant
  • Nicola McConkey
  • Paul Kyberd
  • Per Jonsson
  • Peter Kalmus
  • Peter Ratoff
  • Roberto Sacco
  • Ryan Terri
  • Silvia Pascoli
  • Stefanie Langrock
  • Steven Boyd
  • Thomas Dealtry
  • Thomas Stainer
  • Yoshi Uchida
Contact: Francesca Di Lodovico