13-18 May 2013
Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Barcelona - Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Search for a Higgs boson produced in association with a top pair using the ATLAS detector

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Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Barcelona - Spain

Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Barcelona - Spain

Experiment Poster


Javier Montejo Berlingen (IFAE - Barcelona (ES))


Since   the   discovery   of   a   Higgs-­‐like   boson   by   the   ATLAS   and   CMS   experiments   at  the  LHC,  the  emphasis  has  shifted  towards  measurements  of  its properties  in  order  to   determine   whether   the   new   particle   is   the   Standard   Model   (SM)   Higgs   boson,   or   something  else.  Of  particular  importance  is  top-­‐Higgs  Yukawa  coupling  which,  due  to  the   large   top   quark   mass,   is   close   to unity,   making   the   top   quark   the   most   strongly-­‐coupled   SM   particle   to   the electroweak   symmetry   breaking   sector   and   responsible   for   the   instability   of   the   Higgs   boson   mass   against   radiative   corrections   and   motivates   physics   beyond   the   SM.   The   top-­‐Higgs   Yukawa   coupling   can   be   measured   by   identifying   events   with   a   Higgs   boson   is   produced   in   association   with   a   ttbar   pair   (ttH).    This   poster   presents   the   latest   results   on   the   search   for ttH   production   by   the   ATLAS   experiment   using   the   H-­‐>bb-­‐bar   decay   mode,   which   has   a   large   branching   ratio   and   allows   the   kinematic   reconstruction   of   the   Higgs   boson.   This   results   in   spectacular   final   state   signatures   involving   one   or   two   isolated   leptons   (electron   or   muon),   high   transverse   missing   energy,   and   at   least   four   b-­‐tagged   jets.   However,   this   measurement   is   very   challenging   due   to   the   large   physics   background   from ttbar+jets,   affected   by   large   systematic  uncertainties,  and  large  combinatorial backgrounds.

Primary author

Javier Montejo Berlingen (IFAE - Barcelona (ES))

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