Oct 3 – 5, 2012
University of Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone


Last information before your arrival at OAI7 - advance information for arrival - 2011-06-20

Dear OAI7 participant,
Just one week left! We look forward to welcoming you at the University of Geneva, in Uni Mail Building, where the conference takes place this year. I hope you will find at least some of the following information helpful. So do please read on!
LANGUAGE First of all, if you don't speak French, don't worry; most people in Geneva speak English but learning a few basics like 'merci' (thank you), 's'il vous plaît' (please), 'bonjour' (hello) and 'excusez- moi' (sorry) should help you get by.
REGISTRATION The Registration desk will be open every day of the workshop from 8:00 in the morning until the end of the last presentation. Tuesday afternoon a mini-Registration desk is open from 14:00 to 18:00 PM at the desk of the SES library, 1st floor of Uni Mail building.
POSTER SESSION The poster stands will be at your disposal in the hall in front of the auditorium throughout the whole workshop.
LAPTOP COMPUTERS Do please bring your own. We will provide a personal login which will allow you to connect to our wifi. With the the same login, you can also use the public PCs at the library of Uni Mail Building on 1st floor.
SOCIAL EVENTS: DINNER-BUFFET AT CERN On Wednesday evening, an official dinner-buffet will be held at CERN. A bus transfer will be available from the University to the Globe at CERN (30'-40') departing Uni Mail at 17:30. The buffet will be followed by the very popular drinks-sharing event. Do try to bring along a bottle of something typical from your country (eg wine or some other typical drink) which you can share with other participants. Glasses and ice will be available but then the evening is very informal and anyone wishing to sing songs or generally entertain others is strongly encouraged to do so!
Your return to Geneva will also be by bus. The first departure is planned round 21:00 and the bus will stop at Cornavin Railway Station and then at Uni Mail. Last departures are planned at 22:00 and 23:00. You can also return to Geneva by public transport (a new tram stop is located just in front of the Globe).
AIRPORT INFORMATION If you arrive by plane, hold on to your boarding pass; don't forget to get your free bus ticket, valid for 80 minutes, for Geneva Public Transport (TPG) *before* you go through customs. The ticket machine for your free ticket is located between the baggage carousel and the customs (see : https://indico.cern.ch/internalPage.py?pageId=3&confId=103325) . Then ask at your hotel for a “Geneva Transport Card” which allows you to move around freely by bus.
BANK CASH MACHINE There is a UBS cash machine (ATM) in Uni Mail Building. It accepts major bank cards (Maestro, Postcard, Mastercard, Cirrus, Amex, Visa).
CROSSING THE BORDER Geneva State is almost totally surrounded by France so if you intend to cross the border it's important to carry your passport with you although Switzerland is now part of Schengen Space.
ELECTRICITY If you are bringing electrical equipment, please note that although Swiss wall sockets are 220 volt, they consist of a non-typical, 3-pin, hexagonal type which are often (though not always) recessed into the wall, meaning the standard European plug will not necessarily fit. Bring your own adaptor. We have some we can lend out but not enough to give to every participant ! A picture of a European-Swiss adaptor might help : http://www.internationalconfig.com/icc6.asp?item=30170
WEATHER At the moment, it's warm and sunny, around 20° Centigrade, with a breeze that can be quite strong. Heavy showers are forcasted for Wednesday. You may check the Swiss forecast: http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/39?&search=geneva&itemsPerPage=10&region=world
EMERGENCIES For emergencies, you can contact Jean-Blaise at his office at (+41 22 37) 97 292 before the workshop, or someone from the Local Committee on cell phone number (+41) 76 382 05 38 during the three days of the workshop. (Police : 117 ; Ambulance: 144)
Lastly, we really hope you will enjoy the OAI7 workshop and if you have any questions or problems please let us know. The agenda is packed and we hope you get as much as possible out of the few days you will be with us. Of course, the best things you can get are some new friends and colleagues so please don't be afraid to look out for people wearing the OAI7 badges, and introduce yourself!
With best wishes for a safe journey,
Jean-Blaise and Local Committee

Reminder - OAI7 CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication - 2011-04-18

OAI7, the 7th Cern Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication, at https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?ovw=True&confId=103325, is being held on 22-24 June 2011 in the University of Geneva. OAI Workshops are THE Open Access event in Europe in the year in which they are held. They bring together a community of librarians, IT specialists, publishers, funders and researchers and are a real community occasion. A full programme of papers and posters has been prepared by the Organising Committee for this event. A new development for OAI7 is the introduction of a session on Open Access publishing, the first time this subject has received such treatment at OAI Workshops. The full programme of Tutorials and Papers can be found at https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=103325#20110622.

Registrations are proceeding apace and we encourage you to register quickly at https://indico.cern.ch/confRegistrationFormDisplay.py?confId=103325 to ensure you have a place at the event. There is a Social Programme to accompany OAI7, which will include a visit to the Cern Laboratories, with the opportunity to tour some of the exhibitions there, as well as a buffet and the now-traditional drinks sharing, where every attender is invited to bring something to drink and share which represents their home country. A second social occasion will be the drinks aperitif on the rooftop of the University buildings, giving panoramic views across the city.

We look forward to meeting you in Geneva in June.

OAI7 Workshop Organising Committee

REMINDER - Call for Posters ends in 10 days - 2011-03-21

The deadline for submitting a poster to the CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI7) is 1st April 2011.

See all information related to the conference and to the posters on the webpage: https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceCFA.py?confId=103325.

OAI7 Organising Committee

Call for Posters - 2011-02-17

The Organising Committee of the CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI7) is now welcoming poster submissions for the Workshop to be held at the University of Geneva on 22-24 June 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The deadline for submissions is 1st April 2011.

Posters are invited on projects directly related to the themes of the workshop and decisions on acceptance will be communicated on an ongoing basis and no later than the end of April. Further information is found under the Posters link on the webpage: https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceCFA.py?confId=103325.

Please consult the Workshop website for more information: https://indico.cern.ch/event/oai7.

There will be a prize for the best poster, as selected by the delegates. Also, authors of posters selected for display at OAI7 will have the opportunity to link a short video describing their work on the Workshop website.

The OAI series of workshops is one of the biggest international meetings of technical repository-developers, repository managers, librarians, policy makers, and the funders and researchers that they serve. The programme contains a mix of practical tutorials given by experts in the field, presentations from cutting-edge projects and research, posters from the community, breakout discussion groups, and an intense social programme which has helped to build a strong network amongst previous participants. The event is almost unique in bringing together these scholarly communication communities and is proud to continue this tradition with the OAI7 workshop in 2011.

David Prosser
On behalf of the Organising Committee


Registration is open - 2011-02-07

Dear colleagues,

Registration for OAI7, the 7th Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication is open. This event will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th June 2011. Please register with the online form you can find on the website of the conference along with the full programme : https://indico.cern.ch/event/oai7.

The workshop will follow the successful format of previous editions mixing practical tutorials, presentations from cutting-edge projects and research, discussion groups, posters, and an intense social programme to maximise interaction and communication. It will be possible to register for a part or all of the programme.

The workshop is aimed at those involved in the development of open access (OA) repositories and who can influence the direction of developments either within their institution, their country or at an international level - that includes technical developers of OA bibliographic databases and connected services, research information policy developers at university or library level, funding bodies concerned with access to the results of their research, OA publishers, and influential researchers keen to lead OA developments in their own field.

Previous workshops have built a strong community spirit and the event is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and contact details with a large public connected to the OA movement. The OAI workshops are series of most important international meetings in this field and take place roughly every two years.

Further information will be added to the website, including details on a pre-conference day about Duraspace and the call for posters.

The committee looks forward to welcoming you to Geneva.

OAI7 Organising Committee


Call for Ideas - 2010-08-15

OAI7, the seventh CERN workshop is meeting in the University of Geneva on 22 to 24 June 2011. The theme of the workshop is innovations in scholarly communication with particular attention to technical infrastructures and protocols, Open Access publishing, and community developments and solutions.

To maximise the impact of this workshop, the Organising Committee urges our communities to propose:

  • overall themes for conference sessions,
  • ideas for individual talks and names of speakers,
  • themes for tutorials and names of presenters.

You can propose yourself, a project or a colleague which would be of interest for this workshop. Please submit your ideas using the webform on https://indico.cern.ch/event/oai7 by the 15th of September at the latest.

The Committee will award one free registration to the person who makes the best suggestion. The result will be publicised on the programme.

OAI7 Organising Committee


First announcement - 2010-08-04

The next CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI7), will be held at the University of Geneva on 22-24 June 2011.

Watch the OAI7 intro video by Paul Ayris (5 min 20)
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