14-18 October 2013
Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Track Reconstruction at the ILC

14 Oct 2013, 13:30
Berlagezaal (Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage)


Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage

Oral presentation to parallel session Event Processing, Simulation and Analysis Event Processing, Simulation and Analysis


Frank-Dieter Gaede (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))


One of the key requirements for Higgs physics at the International Linear Collider ILC is excellent track reconstruction with very good momentum and impact parameter resolution. ILD is one of the two detector concepts at the ILC. Its central tracking system comprises of a highly granular TPC, an intermediate silicon tracker and a pixel vertex detector, and it is complemented by silicon tracking discs in the forward direction. Large hit densities from beam induced incoherent electron-positron pairs at the ILC pose an additional challenge to the pattern recognition algorithms. We present the ILD tracking algorithms that are using clustering techniques, cellular automatons and kalman filter based track extrapolation. The performance of the tracking reconstruction is evaluated using a realistic geant4 simulation including dead material, gaps and imperfections, that recently has been used for a large Monte Carlo production for the Detailed Baseline Design of the ILD detector concept. The algorithms are written to a large extend in a framework independent way, with the eventual goal of providing a generic tracking toolkit. Parallelization techniques for some of the algorithms are under investigation.

Primary author

Frank-Dieter Gaede (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))


Christoph Rosemann (DESY) Georgios Gerasimos Voutsinas (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))

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