Jun 17 – 28, 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone
The aim of this workshop is to discuss implications of the first cosmology results from Planck, three months after the first cosmological data release. It will bring together members of the cosmology and fundamental physics communities and members of the Planck collaboration. The programme will include a few talks per day and leave plenty of time for discussions and scientific exchanges. We will do our best to provide office space for all participants.

Registration for the workshop is now closed.

Confirmed invited participants:
Richard Battye, Daniel Baumann, François Bouchet, Juan Garcia-Bellido,
Steen Hannestad, Lloyd Knox, Arthur Kosowsky, Antony Lewis,
Andrew Liddle, Reno Mandolesi, Enrique Martinez, Adam Moss,
Daniela Paoletti, Hiranya Peiris, Graça Rocha, Bartjan van Tent,
Patricio Vielva, Ben Wandelt

Organizing committee:
Martin Bucher, Anthony Challinor, Fabio Finelli, Jan Hamann,
Martin Kunz, Julien Lesgourgues, Valeria Pettorino

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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