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PTB meeting, 10-12:00, 22 January 2012 Calling details: skype Proposed agenda: ---------------- 0) EMI-3 Release i) Milestones, deliverables ii) aob
PTB meeting 22nd January 2013
skype conference, 10:10 - 11:04  

Present: Patrick, Cristina, Laurence, Jon, Marco (90% of the time had skype problems), John (joined late)

i) EMI-3 Release

- development tasks:

There are two top priority objectives not yet 100% reached:

Data accounting is incomplete, STORM already pulled out, and if DPM not delivered then the objective is missed. DPM accounting felt beetween two chairs, now that Patrick understands the problem he will do his best to have the task delivered this week. The goal is to have STAR records generated by DPM transferred to APEL server via SSM.

The other top priority not-complete objective is EMIR rollout. Here CERN data and HYDRA missing. John White promised Hydra this week and Patrick will follow up with the CERN data too.

- etics config: not available for hydra and amga manager

- binaries: not available for AMGA, meta for CREAM  batch modules, hydra, few Wnodes, meta for UI and WN

- local and testbed deployment: lots of red.

see details in the up-to-date file of Cristina:

- release schedule:

Balazs is very much concerned about the current timeplan that has only RC1 (deadline was Monday) and a final tag on 4th February.  He thinks that RC1 is missed and incomplete, can't be used for real cross-product testing: it is hardly available on the testbed! Because of this the 4th FEbruary final tag will have very little real testing AND almost no time to fix any problems found during testing.

Cristina sees no need for additional RC2.

ii) Milestones, deliverables

- MJRA1.12 - Common Security Architecture Assessment

Author is waiting for contributions, delivery date is unclear

- MJRA1.17 -Test suites of compliance checks in place

Some tests are still being written. Milestone to be ready by the end of January.

- MJRA1.11 - Easier end-user access capability to EMI components in place

Author is waiting for CINECA, delivery date is unclear

- MJRA1.19.3 - Integrated EMI Major Release Candidates

document is written assuming that the open dev tasks would be completed. plan to submit the report next week.

- MJRA1.18 - Transparent use of open standards in the EMI component ecosystem

Shifted to February.

Area progress reports :

- Compute:
not started yet because of Marco's WMS testing and certification. Marco will start 4th February and deliver high quality draft by 15 February.

- Infrastructure:

Can be written anytime: expected delivery 15 February

- Data: end of February

- Security: end of February.

iii) "Roadmap document"

Balazs has not yet started to look at. Skeleton and a draft of the overview section can appear early February, depending on EMI-3 progress.

iv) aob

- next meeting

5th February, one day after the successfull final EMI 3 release :)

- To Marco/John: please try to fix your skype

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