Visa information

Visa infomation

Participants from some countries are required to obtain a visa to enter Japan. Please check well in advance whether it is applicable for you. For your information, please refer the links below.

Guide to Japanese Visas by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
List of Countries and Regions That Have Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The document(s) that you need from us may differ, depending on the country. Please consult the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan nearest you. Please fill all the relevant sections of the documents by yourself first, and then contact us where to send the documents so that we can fill the sections that are relevant for us. We will then return the documents for your application of the visa.

When you send us the document(s), please send us the proof materials together, e.g., a copy of your passport, a recommendation letter from your institution/superior or a short e-mail by a Japanese scientist who knows you well.