The fused string model for Hadronisation

4 Dec 2013, 09:00
Talk MPI & Monte Carlo MPI & Monte Carlo


Mr Christian Bierlich (Lund University (SE))


The Lund string model for hadronisation provides an intuitive and strong physical picture of the hadronisation process by realising a linear confinement potential as a flux tube stretched between colour-singlet pairs. This picture was developed in the context of the very clean LEP environment, but faces some difficulties describing the hadro-chemistry in the busy environment of LHC, where flux tubes exhibits a spatial overlap. The fused string model allows such overlapping flux tubes to fuse with one another, and thus provides corrections to ordinary string hadronisation in busy events. The effect of allowing string fusion greatly affects the parameters controlling strange particle production and baryon to meson ratios in pp collisions, and thus provides a scheme for improving predictions of such observables.

Primary author

Mr Christian Bierlich (Lund University (SE))

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