MPI@LHC 2013 is organised by the Particle Physics group of the University of Antwerp.

International Advisory Board
Paolo Bartalini - National Taiwan University
Markus Diehl - DESY
Livio Fanò - University of Perugia
Rick Field - University of Florida
Hannes Jung - DESY
Judith Katzy - DESY
Frank Krauss - Durham University
Michelangelo Mangano - CERN
Arthur Moraes - University of Glasgow
Andreas Morsch - CERN
Michael Schmelling - Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik
Torbjorn Sjöstrand - Lund University
Peter Skands - CERN
James Stirling - Durham University
Mark Strikman - Pennsylvania State University
Daniele Treleani - INFN Trieste
Local Organising Committee

Pierre Van Mechelen (chair)
Nick van Remortel (chair)
Jean-René Cuddel
Laurent Favart
Albert Knutsson

Conference secretariat

Sarah Van Mierlo
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