Dec 2 – 6, 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone

Welcome to the fifth International Workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC

The aim of this workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions (MPI) at the LHC is to raise the profile of MPI studies, summarising the legacy from the phenomenology at previous hadron colliders, reviewing the early results from the LHC and fostering contact between the theoretical and experimental communities.

MPI are experiencing a growing popularity and are widely invoked to account for observations that cannot be explained otherwise: the activity of the Underlying Event, the rates for multiple heavy flavour production, the survival probability of large rapidity gaps in hard diffraction, etc. At the same time, the implementation of MPI effects in Monte Carlo generators is quickly proceeding at an increasing level of sophistication and complexity, which can have far reaching implications for LHC physics. The ultimate ambition of this workshop is to promote MPI as a unifying concept between apparently distinct lines of research, to profit from experimental progress in order to constrain their implementation in models, and to evaluate their impact on the LHC physics program.


  • Phenomenology of MPI processes and multiparton distributions
  • Considerations for the description of MPI in QCD
  • Measuring multiple partonic interactions
  • Experimental results on inelastic hadronic collisions: underlying event, minimum bias, forward energy flow
  • Monte Carlo development and tuning
  • Connections with diffraction, heavy-ion physics and cosmic rays
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