Tevatron Energy Scan: Findings & Surprises

2 Dec 2013, 11:20
Talk MPI & Monte Carlo MPI & Monte Carlo


Richard Dryden Field (University of Florida (US))


At CDF we study min-bias collisions (MB) and the “underlying event” (UE) using charged particles produced in proton-antiproton collisions at 300 GeV, 900 GeV, and 1.96 TeV. The 300 GeV and 900 GeV data are a result of the “Tevatron Energy Scan” which was performed just before the Tevatron was shut down. We use the direction of the leading charged particle in each event, PTmax, to define three regions of eta-phi space; “toward”, “away”, and “transverse”. The “transverse” region is further divided into the “transMAX” and “transMIN” contributions. The “transMIN” region is very sensitive to the MPI & BBR components of the UE, while the “transDIF” region (“transMAX” minus “transMIN”) is more sensitive to the ISR & FSR. The data are corrected to the particle level and are compared with LHC data at 900 GeV and 7 TeV. This CDF analysis together with LHC data provides a detailed information about the energy dependence of the various components of the UE.

Primary author

Richard Dryden Field (University of Florida (US))

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