Constraining MPI models using sigma_effective and recent Tevatron and LHC Underlying Event data

2 Dec 2013, 10:30
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Talk MPI & Monte Carlo MPI & Monte Carlo


Andrzej Konrad Siodmok (University of Manchester (GB))


We review the modelling of multiple interactions in the event generator Herwig++ and study implications of recent tuning efforts to Tevatron and LHC data. It is often said that measurements of the effective cross section for double-parton scattering, sigma_effective, are in contradiction with models of the final state of multi-parton interactions, but we show that the Herwig++ model is consistent with both and gives stable predictions for underlying event observables at 14 TeV.

Primary author

Andrzej Konrad Siodmok (University of Manchester (GB))


Mike Seymour (University of Manchester (GB))

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