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Sep 16 – 21, 2013
Natal, Brazil
Brazil/East timezone
Registration open
The International Workshops on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos have been organized regularly for the past 40 years at many venues in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. The goal of these  Workshops is to offer the  physics community a significant opportunity to assess the status of major topics within the field and initiate collaborative effort to address current challenges. The Workshops attract leading experimentalists and theorists, from all over the world, who take advantage of the occasion to work with colleagues on common problems.

This year's workshop  will deal with contemporary issues on the following four major topics:
  1. Electroweak symmetry breaking
  2. Neutrino Physics
  3. Weak Decays, CP violation and CKM
  4. Astroparticle Physics
Format: There will be plenary talks on monday, friday afternoon and saturday morning, while the other periods will be devoted to the working groups.

Registration:   Early registration ends August 15th, 2013. The early registration fee is  R$ 800.00, while the full registration fee is R$ 1000.00 for participants staying at the Pestana Hotel (conference venue). Participants staying in another hotel the 
full registration fee is R$ 1400.00 while the early registration fee is R$ 1200.00.


Natal, Brazil
Natal, Brazil
Local organizing committee:
  • J. Anjos (CBPF,Brazil)
  • O. Éboli (USP,Brazil)
  • M. Gandelman (UFRJ,Brazil)
  • M. Guzzo (UNICAMP,Brazil)
  • S. Novaes (IFT/UNESP,Brazil)
  • H. Nunokawa (PUC-RJ,Brazil)
  • A. Sznajder (UERJ,Brazil)
  • R. Zukanovich Funchal (USP,Brazil)
International advisory committee: 
  • W. Buchmüller (DESY, Germany)
  • J. Conrad (MIT, USA)
  • B. Gavela (IFT UAM, Spain)
  • F. Gianotti (CERN, Switzerland)
  • J.J. Gómez Cadenas (IFIC-CSIC Valencia, Spain)
  • T. Kajita (Tokyo U, Japan)
  • H. de Kerret (Paris VII, APC, France)
  • S. King (Southampton, UK)
  • J. Morfin (FNAL, USA)
  • T. Nakada (ITL, Switzerland)
  • O. Palamara (LNGS, Italy/Yale U, USA)
  • V. Palladino (Napoli U, Italy)
  • H. Pietschmann (Vienna U, Austria)
  • G. Raffelt (MPI, Germany)
  • C.A. Savoy (Saclay, France)
  • J. Schneps (Tufts U, USA)
  • M. Shaevitz (Columbia U, USA)
  • Y. Sukuzi (Tokyo U, Japan)
Discussion group leaders: 

1. Electroweak symmetry breaking group: 
   theoretical leader: Marcela Carena
   experimental leader: Sara Bolognesi/Pietro Govoni
   local leader: Eduardo Ponton

2. Neutrino Physics: 
   theoretical leader: Thomas Schwetz
   experimental leader: Kate Scholberg
   local leader: Orlando Peres

3. Weak decays, CP violation and CKM: 
   theoretical leader: Cecilia Tarantino
   experimental leader: Guy Wilkinson
   local leader: Leandro de Paula 

4. Astropartiple physics:  
   theoretical leader: Marco Cirelli
   experimental leader: Heidi Sandaker
   local leader: Rogerio Rosenfeld