27-29 May 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone

General Information


The Workshop takes place from Monday May 27th to Wednesday May 29th. On Monday 27th it starts at 9 am, on Wednesday at 8:30 am.

Venue and Access

The Workshop venue is inside the CERN site and you will be able to enter the site only from the CERN main entrance (gate B). No visitor's card will be given to you, but your names will be on the visitors' list available to the guards only at entrance B.

Information on how to get to CERN, the reception and Entrance B is available here:


The Workshop venue is Building 513, first floor, room 024. The room will be opened already at 8:00 am on Monday morning.

You may reach bldg. 513 from the reception using CERN shuttle no. 1 (running regularly during working days, see http://gs-dep.web.cern.ch/en/content/Shuttle/Circuit1). Ask to the driver to get off at the "Restaurant 2" stop.

General Instructions / Suggestions

Be sure to have your personal identification documents with you, counting that you will access the CERN site from Swiss territory. On the morning of Tuesday 28th it is planned an optional visit of CERN. It may require crossing the Swiss-French border.

The currency most commonly used at CERN is the Swiss franc (CHF). You can also use Euros (EUR) for your meals, at the coffee machines and for other services. Note that the exchange rate in these circumstances is usually not much favourable and that change is given usually in Swiss francs.

"Hands-on" Presentations

Some of the presentations of the last two days (administrators and developers) are "hands-on" sessions. This means that you will be invited to try things by yourself.
In order to get the maximum out of the event, please bring your laptop with you. We will try to provide development/setup environments for everyone in Virtual Machines. So, don't worry, because regardless of the OS you have, you will be able to follow along.
You will just need an SSH client (Windows doesn't bring one by default, but you can download PuTTY) and a browser. 


In case you are giving a presentation of your Indico installation or project on Monday, we would appreciate if you could upload your slides in advance so that we will move more quickly from one talk to the next one. See the user guide how to do this. 

Social Event

On Monday, 19:30, diner in La Grotta in Geneva, 8 rue du midi From CERN: Tram 18, arrêt "Lyon"

CERN Visit

On Tuesday 28th May 10:00, a visit of CERN is organised. Only participants who registered for the visit on the workshop registration page will be able to attend. For registration purpose you have to present yourself at the CERN Reception, Building 33, at 09:45, 15 minutes before the visit starts. Each tour lasts about 3 hours and comprises an introduction followed by a film, a visit to 2 experimental facilities.

Since you may cross the border, a valid identity card/ passport will be needed for the visit (the day of the visit).

Please note that people wearing open shoes or high heels will not be allowed access to the experiment sites.

Help and "emergency" cases

In case of need you can contact:

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