CCRC'08 planning conference call

513 R-070 (CERN)

513 R-070


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    • 17:00 17:20
      Site Requirements - what the sites need to know 20m
      Speakers: Fabio Hernandez (IN2P3), Gonzalo Merino (PIC), Luca dell'Agnello (CNAF)
    • 17:20 17:30
      Deletion of temporary files after February run 10m
      (Was: CDR challenge in December)

      From discussion it’s not obvious that all experiments know how to write mock plus real data in a way that mock data can be dropped by the end of the exercise. What measures should be taken to ensure this will work? Should we have a small test right now in December? 24h CDR run at nominal rate with a mix of real and mock data? The important step is not the test but obviously the preparation that needs to go into it. Miguel

      Speaker: Miguel Coelho (CERN)
    • 17:30 17:40
      Monitoring, logging and reporting - the proposal 10m
      Speakers: James Casey (CERN), Julia Andreeva (CERN)
      CMS CSA07 metrics
    • 17:40 17:50
      The SRM dashboard - site & experiment readiness for production SRM v2.2 10m

      Multi-VO site issues

      For the sites supporting multiple VOs (the majority) the requested SRM setup must be compatible.

      Additional configuration regarding ROOT access from LHCb:

      • Does the SRM endpoint return correct tURLS for data access with ROOT?
      • Are there enough connections to WNs enabled on disk servers? (200-300 required: dCache default is 30...)

      CERN Status

      The Castor SRM v2 production endpoints at Cern have all been configured. They are:

      Endpoint VO Space tokens
      ----------------- -- ------------ Alice default Atlas DISK, TAPE CMS LHCb LHCb_RAW, LHCb_RDST DTEAM srm2_d0t1, srm2_d1t1

      All endpoints support OPS and DTEAM, publish their information in the BDII and are monitored by SAM.

      Speaker: Flavia Donno (CERN)
    • 17:50 18:00
      Preparation for the January 2008 F2F (Thursday 10th in 160-1-009) 10m
      The draft agenda can be found here.
      Speaker: Jamie Shiers (CERN)