15 October 2013
Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow
GB timezone
Usage of jet substructure techniques for identification of boosted objects is becoming more important across a wide range of physics processes as higher LHC centre-of-mass energies are accessed. To fully exploit such techniques it is essential that sensible Monte Carlo models and tunes exist to describe observables used in these techniques. The LHC experiments have already performed several measurements of such observables and now is an opportune moment to review the performance of existing Monte Carlo models and identify the possible improvements that may be needed. This workshop will bring together experimentalists and theorists, with expertise in Monte Carlo tuning and jet substructure, to promote a focussed discussion on this topic.
Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow
Please get in touch with Deepak Kar (deepak.kar@cern.ch) for any additional information, or any help with travel and accommodation.