Impact of ATLAS data on parton density functions

Apr 30, 2014, 8:30 AM



Oral presentation WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities


Paul Richard Newman (University of Birmingham (GB))


Various measurements provided by the ATLAS collaboration have significant impact on parton density functions. The production of W and Z bosons inclusively or in association with charm-quark have are found to constraint the strange-quark density at medium and low Bjorken-x. Multi-Jet and photon production processes show impact on the gluon density. Off-resonance Drell Yan production at large lepton pair masses may be used to constrain anti-quark density at high x. A qualitative comparison of the ATLAS measurements to predictions based on different PDFs is presented.

Primary author

Toni Baroncelli (Roma Tre Universita Degli Studi (IT))

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