Obtaining the neutron star gravitational mass limit in the frame work of the LOCV method

Mar 26, 2014, 3:35 PM


Hamidreza Moshfegh (University of Tehran)


Using the lowest order constrained variational method (LOCV) we calculate the equation of state of pure neutron matter (PNM) as well as the charge neutral (n,p,e,μ) matter in beta equilibrium with AV18 two-body nucleon-nucleon interaction supplemented by a microscopic three-body force. The neutron star gravitational mass limit obtained with this interaction is 2.62 M⊙ for PNM and 2.41 M⊙ in case of the beta stable matter. The effects of the three-body force on the gravitational mass limit of the neutron stars are also discussed and the results are compared with the others many-body calculations.

Primary author

Hamidreza Moshfegh (University of Tehran)


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