Jun 15 – 20, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Program

This weeklong intensive training is an advanced dive into software, tools and techniques for exploiting current and next generation computing hardware.

Core topics include practical use of relevant software methodologies for parallelization, efficient use of compilers, performance optimization, controlled floating point calculations – all coupled with hands-on exercises. The lecture and excercises will go in details into modern and performant C++, parallelism and efficient multi-thread developments. In addition to the core teaching material, a range of supplementary topics is offered, such as select aspects of supercomputing, accelerated processing and others.

Finally, perspectives on cutting edge software and hardware will be presented, along with a vision of projected developments and their possible consequences.

The thematic CSC 2014 covers five domains

Programming for Concurrency Data oriented design Memory programming Efficient Computing Acceleration
Modern and
performant C++
Designing for data
Data-intensive applications
Memory Awareness
Architecture refresher: x86, ARM, Atom, MIC, GPU
Principles of programming for accelerators
Direct, Offload, Symmetric mode, MIC
Expressing parallelism pragmatically     Advanced performance monitoring and tuning  
Resource protection and thread safety     Compilers and their strengths/weaknesses
      Accurate and efficient Floating Point
Lectures 3
Exercises 3
Lecture 1
Exercise 1
Lecture 1
Exercise 1
Lectures 3
Exercises 4
Lecture 1
Exercises 2