Mar 1 – 3, 2006
Europe/Zurich timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

The first EGEE User Forum will be held on 1-3 March 2006 at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. It will provide an important opportunity for innovative applications to establish contacts with EGEE and with other user communities, to plan for the future usage of the EGEE grid infrastructure, to learn about the latest advances, and to discuss the future evolution of Grid middleware. It also provides an opportunity for dialogue with industrial parties having an interest in EGEE Grid technology.

For this event we solicit community contributions in four areas:

  • EGEE Applications
  • Grid Computing Techniques
  • On-line Demonstrations
  • Posters

For the first two categories (“EGEE Applications” and “Grid Computing Techniques”) we accept extended abstracts with a length of about 1,000 words (2 pages).

“EGEE Applications” abstracts: we invite contributions from users who have been implementing, or are planning to implement, key applications on the EGEE infrastructure. These abstracts should clearly describe:

  • The application context and scientific goals as well as relevant links to publications, project descriptions etc;
  • The grid added-value focusing in particular on sharing and collaborative aspects. This should include the scale of the problems and potential user community as well as the impact EGEE might have. It should also highlight the key Grid services needed for achieving these goals;
  • Experiences and results achieved on EGEE and future plans;
  • Key issues to be addressed for the promotion of the use of grid technology in the application area.

“Grid Computing Techniques” abstracts: we invite contributions from both user communities developing high-level services on top of the EGEE infrastructure, and from industrial parties proposing added-value activities in the EGEE framework. These abstracts should clearly describe:

  • The technique addressed (e.g. workflows, parallel programs, data protection, …) in connection with concrete use cases;
  • Best practices and application level tools in order to best exploit this technique on EGEE;
  • Key improvements needed to better exploit this technique on EGEE;
  • Industrial relevance, if appropriate.

The program committee will review the submissions and select contributions for inclusion into the EGEE User Forum Book of Abstracts. The User Forum Book of Abstracts is expected to be published prior to the Forum in electronic form. Selected abstracts may also be invited to be presented in either a parallel session, a poster session or as part of an on-line demonstration.

Submission for on-line demonstrations and posters should focus either on EGEE Applications or Grid Computing Techniques and highlight the points discussed above. Demo submission should also provide a short description on what is expected to be shown, in particular which EGEE services, and on which platform (production infrastructure or GILDA) the demo will be given.

The User Forum Web site provides access to the submission tool for abstracts:

More information on the EGEE User Forum can be found on the User Forum webpage:

Important dates:
Submissions due: 29th of January 2006
Acceptance Notification: 6th of February 2006

The call for abstracts is closed.