Scientific programme and timeline

Wednesday 23/04/2014: Arrival

21:00 - 23:00: Get-Together-Party

Thursday 24/04/2014:

Session 1: Impedance theory and related effects
Session 2: Impedance numerical simulations
Session 3: Impedance bench and beam-based measurements

Friday 25/04/2014:
Session 4: Extensions of the impedance concept
Session 5: Impedance challenges for new projects
Session 6: Building the impedance model of a machine
Banquet in the evening

Saturday 26/04/2014:

Session 7: Space charge and resistive-wall impedances
Session 8: Geometrical impedance
Session 9: Impedance of diagnostics structures
Poster session at the end of the afternoon

Sunday 27/04/2014: Full-day excursion

Monday 28/04/2014:

Session 10: Impedance of collimators and kickers
Session 11: Summaries

Tuesday 29/04/2014: Departure